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Samsung Z2 Release Date and Specs

Samsung Z2
Samsung Z1 is the first low-cost Tizen smartphone Samsung manufactured. When launched the phone was only available in India, but later Samsung introduced the smartphone in Bangladesh as well.

The phone was not so well received in India and Bangladesh though. While Samsung sold only 100000 of these in India, in Bangladesh Samsung only sold 20000 units. Samsung is also planning to release Samsung Z1 in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Though the sale figures are not promising, Samsung seems to be happy with the phone’s market reception. There is a new rumor that Samsung already has plans to release the successor of Samsung Z1 sooner than expected. Samsung will keep the same naming convection and the next version will be called Samsung Z2.

Tough there is no update what specification the new phone will carry, but we are certain that Samsung will definitely give a big boost to the hardware.

Samsung recently announced that they would setup a manufacturing unit to develop Samsung Z1. It looks like Samsung already have a big plan for Tizen OS.