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Tizen Chipsets Being Made By China-based Spreadtrum


In the past few decades, the balance of production of electronics has shifted from west to east. In the last decade, China has emerged as the world leader in commercial production of electronics in amazing quantities that one could have never think of.

China is currently producing all sort of products related to smartphones ranging from cases to chipsets. Over the time, many great companies have moved to China to get their supplies at cheaper rates which in return was an assurance of high profits.

Most recently, Samsung, which is the biggest Korean giant and the global smartphone leader, has turned to China. It has found Spreadtrum, the Chinese giant that produces the best WCDMA chips, in China.

Samsung wishes to use the chips from Spreadtrum in its Tizen powered smartphones that Samsung is planning to mass produce. These phones are supposed to be cheaper so Samsung wants to get help from China which helps in making cheapest products.