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Samsung Z1 Sales Gaining Momentum At Last


Earlier this year and for some time in the last year, there was a huge amount of hype regarding Samsung’s upcoming phone – the phone that was seen as the sensation of the new year. Some calling it the end of Android, some calling Samsung’s new thing, and many calling it Samsung’s new weapon to conquer the global smartphone market and push out Google’s Android OS.

This sensation was named as the Samsung Z1. This was the smartphone that you could easily call the unique one or the chosen one. This phone uses Tizen, which is an OS that has been independently developed by Samsung alone. This OS has been designed from scratch so that it’s perfect to sit-in with Samsung’s consumer needs. The reason behind developing Tizen was to be sure to have a backup to Google’s Android OS which is the OS for majority of the smartphones around the world and majority of the smartphones around the world are made by Samsung.


The Tizen powered Samsung Z1 was introduced in India earlier last month. In the first two weeks after release, the sales were not so great – people preferred the Android phones. Over the time as people came to know about the phone, its sales have risen and Samsung has now sold around 100,000 of the Samsung Z1. This is quite large as compared to expectations.