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Samsung SUHD TV’s on Their Way To Philippines


In the last few years, there have been many different innovations in the field of Television. From the age of big plasma TV’s, we have moved into the time of OLED and now SUHD. Well most of us are surely not aware of this latest revolutionary product that will be hitting the markets soon.

Just recently, Samsung showed the world its latest product the SUHD and after watching it, most of the tech related people predicted that these SUHD’s will be the next new thing in the tech field.


The SUHD implies many new things and it is filled with new innovations in all possible ways. The SUHD will pack an all new hardware that is much better then the earlier technologies . It will have much better resolution and picture quality then any other competitors. Plus this new Smart TV will run on Tizen OS that is Samsung’s own personally developed operating system that was seen earlier in Samsung Z1.

SUHD will surely be a step forward from the flop scene of the OLED’s in the past year or two. To make this new product a market hit, Samsung is working quite hard. The SUHD TV’s will be released in Philippines coming April and the world is just watching to see the public response to this latest TV.