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While Everyone Is Struggling, Samsung Tv Sales Are Blooming

samsung-suhd-tv-4k-hero-1200-80Samsung set a new record in its tv division when it hit a monthly sales figure of $1 billion in the north American territory. In fact, 35 % of the American sales and 28% of all the tv sold in Canada are from Samsung. The tech company said that this is the highest monthly sales figure for the market. Samsung has slowly evolved into a dominant force in the tv industry and now takes half of the sales for the 4k tv. This is a small market but will grow into the biggest tv category in a couple of years.

These figures are a part of the NPD statistics released for the American and Canadian region. While Samsung has been blooming, other players were not equally fortunate. Sony is considering to spin off its tv division owing to continuous losses. Sharp and Panasonic have shut shop in this region citing poor demand. LG is doing fine for now but it has incurred a loss earlier this year.

In other tv news, Samsung’s SUHD JS9500 wins the best tv of the year award announced by popular science.

“Samsung is honoured by the continued recognition for our innovative and breath-taking flagship JS9500 and entire SUHD TV line,” said Dave Das, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics America. “As the TV industry leader in the US for the past 9 years, Samsung is proud to deliver innovation and unparalleled design in the form of our best, brightest and most colourful tv ever. “says Samsung

Looks like Samsung is finding success in divisions other than the smartphone and semiconductor.