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Shhhhhh! Your TVs are Listening


Smart devices have become an important part of our lives over the past five or so years. Many different types of smart devices have been given to us. The first ones in the list were the Smart Phones. They went smart and are the most widely used smart devices. Around half the world has a smartphone now.

Well after smartphones, one of the most recent smart devices to get into our homes and even offices are the Smart TV’s. These devices, which are mostly powered by some version of Android OS, have been a market hit and the world loves them.


Samsung is the leading producer of all sorts of Smart devices globally. It is the leading producer of SMART TV’s and has produced the best ones in the market. One of the functions that’s embedded into the Android OS is the voice recognition. For this, it hears your voice and sends it over the internet to get it interpreted into something understandable by your TV.

Well, in a warning by Samsung, it has asked its users to be careful as the Mic of your TV could hear you at all times and someone could easily get access to this data. So next time, when you are near your TV, just be a bit more careful before you discuss something really confidential.