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Samsung Filed for Glastyle and More Key Trademarks for Future Smartwatch


Samsung recently filed for its latest smartwatch design and the Glastyle design is coming to the users in the near future.

Big companies are always trying to make patents for new designs. Even if they think there is a design that the other company will use in the future, the big companies make a patent out of that design so that their competition wouldn’t use the design.

There have been so many cases in which companies have filed patents for designs and then they never use those designs. This last week was a tough week for the Samsung lawyers.

Their legal team had to file so patents on Tuesday. They filed for a design called the Glastyle. This design related to display and video displays would be used in ultra-mobile computers.

By the look of these designs we can easily say that Samsung is looking out for the future. These designs will probably be used in their future smartwatch designs.


This latest trademark was filed by Samsung and it was for their Glastyle that would cover ultra-mobile PCs and many other things. The legal team filed these patents under the International Class 009.

The list included computer monitors, computers, video monitors, TV receivers, cathode-ray tubes, plasma display panels, flat panel displays in the nature of field emission displays, mobile telephones, video displays for MP4 players, portable multimedia players, navigation apparatus for vehicles, video display for digital audio players, cameras, video display for cameras, ultra-mobile PCs, display for ultra-mobile PCs, video displays for ultra-mobile PCs and tablet computers.

One thing that wasn’t clear was that Samsung didn’t cover wearable devices in its ultra-mobile PC section. Samsung filed for the Samsung Gear W on 20th July.

Now we can see that the Gear W device is paving the way for the future wearable devices. On the same day when Samsung filed for the Gear W, they also filed for the Samsung Wheel UX.

Some believe that patenting the Samsung Wheel UX was the best decision Samsung took in a while.