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Meet Bixby, Samsung Galaxy S8’s new assistant

Meet Bixby, Samsung Galaxy S8’s new assistantSamsung’s Galaxy S8 is well known to feature the newest AI called Bixby. It is a competition to the well-known Siri, Google and Alexa. Bixby’s difference from them though, is that it will be based to help the users to use their device. The plan is, with the help of Bixby, sometimes you don’t be even needing to use touch at all. The touch should be totally replaced with voice, as we’ve heard from Samsung.

For now, that goal is only a milestone for Samsung. Bixby works with few Samsung Apps, and it is targeted to be spread even more. On stage, Bixby will work with Google Play Music and with other third-party apps. The funny thing is that Bixby consists of three different components that are all interrelated.

The main feature for Bixby, is as we already said, working with several Samsung apps. These include phone, messaging, settings, camera, reminder, contacts and gallery. For now, Bixby is able to rotate a photo, play a video and even send the video to the television screen for example. There are also several cases where Bixby is not working as it should be. For example, if you want to send an e-mail, you must enter the address yourself.

There is also an interaction available between voice and touch commands, and both of them can be used at the same time. For the launch only, Bixby will be available in US English, Chinese and US Spanish. In addition, it is expected to be available on even more languages and regions.

As a feature that we don’t see it every day (or not at all), is that Bixby has its own augmented reality camera. The camera can identify objects in real time and search for them on many services. In addition, Bixby can translate texts, read QR codes and recognize landmarks. More features will be surely coming, as for now there are even many applications that can use these features from Bixby.

Using Bixby is actually pretty simple. To use it, you will have to either swipe over your home screen or hit the Bixby button, which will lead you to Bixby home screen. From the home screen, there will be available bunch of features for using Bixby, such as weather, fitness activity, buttons for controlling the smart home gadgets and more. This can be either super useful, or useless at all. All can be said and concluded after we can have our own hands on the device itself.

Overall, we should expect from Bixby a lot, as it is promised to work from Samsung. Many new features will be coming up as well, if these turn out to be both useful and working. For detailed review about Bixby, we will of course have to use the device by ourselves.

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