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Galaxy S8 won’t be having any supply issues

Galaxy S8 won’t be having any supply issuesBack in the past when Samsung were having struggles with their Galaxy S6 Edge supplier because they didn’t expect that the device would perform so well in the markets. Then, they put a limit on selling the Galaxy S7 because they felt ready for it, and not for the Galaxy S8 they are saying that there won’t be any stealing sales. Or, in short, that the supply won’t be an issue just like it was with the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The company also reported that they expect for the Galaxy S8 to sell even more units than the Galaxy S7. But yet, we still have to see how the device will perform in live, and if it does, the company will surely make some appropriate arrangements. The chief of Samsung also said that they’ve doubled the supply of the Galaxy S8 compared to the Galaxy S7 last year. According to his calculations, Samsung have prepared 20 million units for the Galaxy S8.

The upcoming devices, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, will go on sale starting from April 21st. The sale will go worldwide, but some markets might receive it some days later.

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