Samsung to launch their foldable devices probably in 2019

Another report coming up for Samsung in connection for their foldable devices. The company is rumored to commercialize such devices earlier this year, and to start their production probably in early 2019. Until then, the company will stay focused on the bezel-free displays.

Also, one of the Samsung’s engineers, Kim Tae-Woong said that the foldable smartphones will not be ready earlier than 2019. He also said that the bezel-free displays are selling well and also it gives the company time to develop the foldable displays. The company has also recently announced their most expected devices, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Also, on the announcement date of these devices, the company said that they could possibly launch a foldable device this year, but it not seems like it.

It is still interesting to see what the company will do in the future, and of course, how their new devices will come out to be. Surely there is no room for failure like last year, but we still have to see if the company will stand on its own feet.