Apologies from Samsung about Corruption scandal and Note 7 failure

After the recent corruption scandal that hit the company really hard, and of course, their biggest failure with the Galaxy Note 7, the company now is making apologies about the same. This all happened in a shareholder meeting in Seoul, South Korea.

About the corruption scandal, Samsung got involved by their vice chairman, Lee. The company was accused for paying bribes in amount of $37 million to Choi Soon-Sil. Also, the heir-apparent Jay Y. Lee got imprisoned and there is court listening coming up soon for him. Lee is facing perjury and embezzlement, and he will be judged in Seoul’s Central District Court.

Still, besides the corruption, the company also apologies for the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. The device suffered battery failure and caused many injures on the owners of the device. After they posted their result of the investigation and concluding that the device malfunctioned because of the battery, they immediately changed their battery supplier. For now, the company is also finding their way to stay at the top of the best smartphone sellers. Also, a very huge date is on the edge. March 29 is their day when the company will unveil their new upcoming devices, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. But, furthermore we can expect even more from the company as a surprise, but we must stay tuned.