Samsung might launch Portable SSD next month

Sitting as the largest SSD maker in the world, the company are setting their plans for launching new SSD in the markets. Their Portable SSD T3 which was launched last year, has made great success all over the world. With that success, they plan to move on and release a successor of that Portable SSD. The successor should be launched sometime in the next month.

According to a recent report from The Korea Herald, Samsung might start producing the SSD next week. The newest Portable SSD T5, could have a new solution for the storage based on the company’s fourth-generation 64-layer V NAND flash memory. Because of the production which is yet to come, the SSD might come to launch starting from next month. It is also expected to be faster, lighter and stronger than the previous T3.

Also, thanks to the 64-layered cell arrays, the SSD’s data transfer speed should be somewhere around 800Mbps. The speed is almost doubled up from 450Mbps from the last Portable SSD. The color variants might be Black, Coral Blue and Silver, which are matching the same colors as their new high-end smartphones.