Samsung starting $9 billion investment in OLED production

Samsung Display is definitely one of the greatest suppliers of OLED displays in the markets. They’ve been surely working hard to achieve this momentum, as they are also sitting at the best Android mobile smartphone bestseller nowadays. Now, according to a new report from South Korea, the company are expanding their investment in OLED productions to $8.90 billion this year.

Samsung have already made some deals with several companies that will provide them equipment. The company has a plan to replace their LCD displays with the new OLED technology. One of the production lines will start with a number of 30 000 units of the sixth-generation OLED panels.

The company also wants to expand their A3 flexible OLED production plant by increasing the capacity of 30 000 – 45 000 units to 120 000 units. This also means that they are accounting 95 percent of the market and smartphone demand rising.

They will also expect to be the sole suppliers of panels for Apple’s first OLED iPhone. That is something definitely Samsung Display can afford at this moment.