Samsung showed up pretty interesting display tech at MWC this year

Even though the company didn’t produce some kind of a big show at this year’s MWC, they surely left some showoff of their upcoming new display technology. The company unveiled a 9.7-inch Galaxy Tab S3 and a pair of Windows 10 convertibles. What they teased about the Galaxy S8 by the way, it’s the launch date.

We already know that the company showed some of their new tech only on several people who were chosen by the company itself. One of the prototypes that was unveiled to them was also the Force Touch implementation, which is something new for Samsung.

That technology for now works only on Apple’s and Huawei’s devices and implementations. For now, the Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to feature such technology, but it’s nothing confirmed.

Regardless, Samsung are also working to remove the polarizer from its future OLED panels. With that, more brightness levels will be allowed. Besides the brightness, the sharpness and clarity should definitely take a huge hit.

One of the demos also involved an OLED with no blue light, or maybe without the eye-straining sense. More info about this should be available soon, if Samsung are planning something in the future with this.

Samsung also made an implementation on their current VR technology. More correctly, they’ve reported a 1200ppi VR panel demo which sounds a lot easier to visualize. Even more new technology might increase the sharpness to 1500ppi. The difference with this technology should be huge, taking as a consideration that we are talking about smaller screen setups.