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How To Speed Up Galaxy J7

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is one of the most popular phones around. An Octa-core processor with 2 GB of RAM at an affordable price? What more could you want! But then, as you use the phone regularly, it slows down a little bit and hangs a little here and there. Even the apps begin to load slowly. Here we will show you how to increase the speed of the Galaxy J7 with a few tips and tricks.

Change the animation scale in developer options.

If you don’t know how to unlock the developer options in the Galaxy J7, we have got you covered.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Swipe up all the way to the bottom and tap on the ‘About Device’ option.
  3. In ‘About Device’, swipe a little bit up and locate the ‘Build number’ option.
  4. Tap the ‘Build number’ seven times.
  5. This should unlock the developer options on your phone.

Now, having unlocked the developer options, we can change the animation scale.

  1. Having tapped on the ‘Build number’ seven times, now tap the back button once to go back to ‘Settings’.
  2. You will see a new ‘Developer Options’ option just above the ‘About device’ option you had just accessed.
  3. Now tap on the ‘Developer Options’.
  4. Now, scroll down and locate the ‘Windows Animation Scale’, ‘Transition Animation Scale’ and ‘Animator Duration Scale’.
  5. Set the values to 0.5x each and restart the phone.

Uninstall Unused Apps

Samsung usually includes a lot of bloatware (read: unused apps) in its smartphones. We don’t usually use them on a daily basis. Removing those apps speed up your Galaxy J7. To do the same, we follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Tap on the edit button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on the (-) minus in the top corner of the apps you want to uninstall.
  4. However, don’t uninstall the google app and the google voice app as they will adversely affect the phone.
  5. Also, there might be some default apps which cannot be uninstalled. Follow the following steps to get these disabled.

Disable Default Apps

  1. Go to settings from the main menu or by swiping down in the home screen and tapping on Settings.
  2. Swipe up and locate ‘Applications’ and tap on it.
  3. Now, you can disable the applications which you no longer need or which cannot be uninstalled to free up some more space.

Optimize Battery

We can also optimize the battery usage to speed up the device and reduce the number of background applications running on the Galaxy J7. Follow the following steps to do the same.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Locate Battery and tap on it.
  3. Find the ‘App Power Saving’ option and tap on ‘DETAIL’ option.
  4. Now, whichever app you don’t want to run in the background you can shut down by tapping on that app and tapping on ‘Always Save Power’.
  5. This option closes down the application after three minutes of no usage.

Update Your Galaxy J7

Finally, Samsung releases frequent updates for all of its devices. Keep your device up to date by updating it as soon as Samsung releases a new one. These updates usually are useful in speeding up the device a bit more.