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Galaxy S7 Battery Overheating – How to Fix it

Galaxy S7 Battery Overheating - How to Fix it, battery drainWe already know that the Galaxy S7 is truly an amazing smartphone made by Samsung. Until now, it showed up as a great device to have, and the money for it has been really paid off. But of course, nothing is always perfect. The device, as well as many other, has several issues with itself.

Some of the users claim that their device has issues with the battery. Sometimes it gets overheated, which causes the battery to drain faster than it should. If you have the Galaxy S7 and you are also facing this problem, then you’ve come to the right place, because we have some tips for you how to fix that issue.

The problem could begin when you update your Oculus app. Most of the users say so. The Gear VR was surely an amazing feature for the device, but it’s not that perfect to be considered. The problem with the Oculus app update is that it’s making the Galaxy devices extremely hot.

how you can fix your Galaxy S7 battery overheating and drain

Again, if you experience this kind of problem with your device, there is a solution on how you may fix it. The VR feature of the device is mainly the cause of such issue. As we said, Oculus released an update for their app, which is causing battery problems for your device. There is also an easy fix for your problem. And, it is pretty much simple.

There is not a huge process that you can do, but, what will be most helpful is that you must delete the Gear VR Service. To do so, do the following:

  1. Head up to Settings > Applications > Application Manager.
  2. Locate the Gear VR Service and click it.
  3. Uninstall the service, or just disable it.

Many users who already did this say that it really fixed their issue.

Also, you can check your app right after you do the uninstallation/disabling your app for any future updates. Some of the users also claimed that the Oculus update was trying to push itself through when they started the app.

Another thing though, if this even doesn’t help, you can always do a Factory reset on your device. You will again have your Oculus app in your device, but you can take care for it now, with a fresh new start. Beware though, that you must save your data before doing either Factory reset or Master reset on your device.

Also, what another thing might be the problem, is if there is some kind of malware that is causing your application to malfunction. If some of the apps are heavily damaged, they can easily drain your battery, or overheat it. If you want to check your applications for malware interruptions, you can check many Security apps that are available for your device. Or again, you can follow up the fix above, with the Factory/Master reset solution.

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