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Make Galaxy A5 Faster with Just one Small Tweak

Galaxy A5 is a great mid-range premium looking smartphone with tons of features. But the sad part is like many Samsung Galaxy devices, A5 feels little slow and unresponsive.

Whenever you press the home button, it takes some time to minimize the already open App. This is because Samsung has the weird settings to open S Voice by double pressing the Home button. So each time you press the home button to minimize an open App, the device checks whether you are pressing again or not.

So if you do not want to open S Voice using Home Key button, you can disable this from setting. This will improve the App open and close speed and you will definitely experience it.

How to disable S Voice Setting to Speed up Galaxy A5

Open S Voice and go to Settings. In the Settings turn off the Wake up feature, which says, “Open via home key”.

Make Samsung Galaxy A5 Faster

After this small tweak you will definitely experience better response on your Galaxy A5.