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How to Take Screenshot on Galaxy Note 5


Samsung released the Galaxy Note 5 along with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ at its Unpacked event last Thursday.

You are already aware of all the specifications of the device because of the hype that Samsung had created about the device so we will cut straight to the feature that we want to talk about today.

Well taking a screenshot on your device is one of the most basic functions but Samsung with the Galaxy Note 5 has provided users with a new trick that will give them a new experience when taking a screen shot.

The device does obviously have the two simple options to take a regular full screen screenshot to share or to keep for you there is also a new option added by Samsung.

This new option is called ‘scrolling picture’ that basically lets the users automatically stitch together multiple screenshots into a full scrollable and editable image.

The Galaxy Note 5 provides two different ways for its users to take a standard screenshot. The first way to take a screen shot is with a key combination.

First of all users need to open the content that they wish to screenshot. Then at the same time the users need to press and hold both the power button and home button for about two seconds.

The users will then see that the screen will briefly flash and a notification will appear.

The users then need to check their notifications where they will get to see the screenshot and an option to share, delete or edit it.

Now coming to the second way of taking a screenshot, users will have swipe their palm. Users need to open the content that they want to screenshot.

After that they will have to place their hand vertically along the left or right edge of their device and then swipe in from that edge with their hand touching the screen.

The users will again see the screen briefly flash and a notification appear and the same options will appear of share, delete and edit.

Well if some users face a problem in this method they will need to check Settings and will have to enable motion and gestures.

Apart from this the Galaxy Note 5 has an additional screenshot method that takes a little more work but it is very useful if users want to capture something that doesn’t fit on a single screen.

The scrolling capture is part of the Screen Write feature and lets users take one continuous screenshot of the content that would otherwise have required you to scroll and take numerous screenshots.