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Add Physical Buttons to Your Galaxy Device With Air Button

Air-ButtonTouch screen phones marked the death of phones with physical keypad and qwerty keyboard. All we get now a days are flat glass slabs that we call as smartphones. But somewhere the lack of dedicated physical button bothers many users. Air button aims to change that.

Air button is a device that resembles a sticker. There are couple of buttons to this air button and it will stick to the side or back of your phone. It will connect to the phone via NFC and you can customize the 2 buttons to launch any app or a setting such as flash light when pressed.

Imaging that a simple press of a button will make your phone go into the silent mode.


“We are always looking for ways to simplify things in our lives. Now what if there were “shortcuts” for your mobile devices? We’ve created Air Button just to do that, and more. Simply stick an Air Button on your mobile phone and instantly upgrade it with one or two more customizable and functional buttons!” the creator says

This air button is on the crowdfunding website called as Kickstarter. You can donate $15 to fund the single button and $19 for double button project. You will receive the product when it releases to the general public.

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