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Samsung Dares Teens to Give Access to Their Personal Information for A Dream Vacation


Black Friday is around the corner and Samsung is offering a deal. It’s like no other that has ever been offered before. The Korean tech giant dare you to give full access to the most personal data that you hold precious to you parents in exchange for a dream vacation to a place that you will choose.

The advertisement won the gold EPICA advertising award for its concept and production design. The ad starts very innocently with teenagers shown the way into a room that look kind of nerdy with a flat screen television and a huge mirror. A host appears on the screen and ask the teens about a place they dream of going on a vacation.

He offers them that vacation but on one condition. They have to give away the personal content of their phone to Samsung. It was a surprise for me to see the parents of the teens entering the other room that is connected by the huge mirror and they pick up the galaxy A smartphone. Almost everyone stores their dark secrets in their smartphone, be it the nude images of themselves or the embarrassing puking act after drinking too much.

The teens shudder at the thought of their parents looking at the embarrassing photos and videos of themselves. But the most beautiful thing happens when their family looks at the humiliating content on their devise. They simply put down the phone without further probing indicating that they respect the privacy of their loved ones and would trust them while making any judgement.

A vacation not so well earned.

This concept is a part of the “The Way You Are” campaign

Would you have accepted the offer?

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