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Dual Screen W2016 Flip Phone Listed in China

samsung-w2016-2-840x481Samsung officially introduced us to its latest clamshell phone, the W2016. the phone is available for purchase in the Chinese territory for a whopping price tag of CNY 9,999($1565). Yes, it’s a retro phone with a premium price that is beyond the reach of the common consumer. But again Samsung did not design this w2016 phone for common consumer.

The phone strikingly resembles the high end note 5 and the galaxy s6. Samsung has been slowly shifting its design language with the inclusion of glass and metal. That stays true for this phone. The w2016 is available in gold and black colours and the glass and metal design sure makes it look very premium.gsmarena_0012 Samsung-W2016 samsung-w2016-flip-smartphone-launched

but why does Samsung want to make a clam shell phone in the touch screen era?

Unlike in the west, people in the Chinese and Japanese region have a liking for the flip and slid phone. The era of touch screen slabs sure made a dent on this form factor phones but people still buy these kinds of phones. while all the manufacturers are concentrating their resources in making the flagship as powerful as possible, Samsung has decided to do something different and has designed the W2016 with powerful hardware that can rival any flagship.

By making this phone, Samsung is creating a premium market for the clam shell phones that are different from the regular touch screen phone. Although the w2016 has dual touch screen, it is a flip phone at its heart.

I highly doubt whether Samsung will bring this phone to the American and European consumers. If you live in one of these countries and would like to get your hands on this phone, there will be lots of third party seller who would be more than happy to help you for the right price.