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18.4 Inched Galaxy View Tablet Is Available for $100 Less On Amazon


The galaxy view tablet is already seeing a price cut with just 2 weeks into its availability. The tablet that normally retails for $600 is available for $499.99 on amazon. It is yet unclear whether this is a permanent price drop or a promotional scheme for the black Friday period. This offer might change in the near future.

Amazon also has a combined deal where you can get the galaxy view tablet along with the 64GB Samsung EVO Class 10 microSD card for $517.98.

Alternatively, AT&T is also offering the device at a price of $30/month for 20 months or you can opt to pay the full price of $500 and use the qualifying data plans with a 2year contract. But the device will be locked into the AT&T network. I would suggest to go for the amazon deal if you would like the freedom to choose any carrier you want.

As far as the device is concerned, the galaxy view tablet is one monster android tablet that is more like a small television. It has an 18.4 inch full HD display with excellent viewing angles and colour contrast. It comes with a custom interface that make viewing videos and tv show much simpler than any other device. the handset is powered by a 1.6GHz octa-core processor coupled with 2 GB of ram and 32 GB of expandable storage.

The semi-adjustable stand make the tablet stand in the tent mode or at an elevated angle to make viewing experience more enjoyable.


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