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With The Right Phone, Gear VR Could Change the Way You Watch Movies

gearvr_big_new1With the launch of the Gear VR, Samsung is getting serious about the virtual reality business. The newest Gear VR is compatible with 4 phones like the Samsung pay, the note 5, galaxy s6, s6 edge and s6 edge+. The previous Gear VR headset were compatible with only one phone such as the Gear VR for note 4.

Samsung has partnered with Facebook owned oculus and has introduced this Gear VR headset that can immerse its user in the mesmerizing world of virtual reality. There is no point in describing the virtual reality experience. You have to experience it to believe it and honestly, I thing that this is the next revolution in the gaming and movie industry after the 3d movies.gearvr_phones_big

And what more, if you have a compatible phone, the Gear VR is available for just $99. The previous headset costed about $199.you can get the Gear VR headset on amazon, best buy and Samsung online stores.

The latest entrant has a redesigned touchpad for onscreen controls and better design that its predecessors.

“[This year] we’re ready to start calling Samsung Gear VR a consumer product,” Samsung VP Nick Dicarlo told a group of reporters in New York this week.

I tested the virtual reality headset and the experience was spellbinding but not without some hiccups. The technology is yet in an infant stage and will need more R&D before it can go main stream. I played the asphalt 7 in the virtual reality. The headset was comfortable and light. Putting on the headphones and controlling the in game actions with a game controller was too good to be true. I wished I could play main stream games such as call of duty in such environment. That will take some time but the Gear VR is a step in the right direction.