Samsung is preparing a flip phone that looks too close to the galaxy s6 edge. I must say that it was refreshing to see a phone that is different from the regular rectangular glass slab that are called as smartphone which we are accustomed to these days.

After viewing the specifications, I can safely say that this phone is no passing fa├žade for Samsung. The phone has 2 super Amoled displays that measures at 3.9 inches with a resolution of 1280×768. The processor will most likely be the exynos 7420 coupled with 3 GB of ram. The os running this flip phone will be the android 5.1.1 and cameras are tipped to be top notch at 16 MP main camera and 5 MP selfie shooter. Make no mistake, this is a phone that is fitted with powerful hardware.

The most interesting feature of this flip phone besides it form is the key pad. Samsung has built this phone with a t9 keypad that were a dominant force in the pre-smart phone days. Maybe user will have to make use of the on-screen keyboard for typing purposes. With the 3.9-inch screen size, it would rather be difficult to type with a crammed keyboard.Samsung-SM-W2016-03

It was said that the phone will be called as the galaxy gold 3 but given its body design and aesthetics, I would presume that this might be the clamshell version of the galaxy s6. I must say that I was mighty impressed with this phone when I saw the pictures.

LG had also released some pretty interesting flip phones in the past years and people especially in south Korea and japan seem to have un-dying love for the flip devices.