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Marshmallow Update for The Galaxy Devices Appear in A Leak

samsung_galaxy_s6_edge_plus_hands_press_imageSamsung has big plans for the future but it isn’t leaving its older devices in the dust. The marshmallow update for the past devices such as the note 5 and galaxy s6 will be available in the near future even though Samsung is busy working on future flagship phones.

An insider has leaked an image which is in this article that clearly outlines the marshmallow update time period for each device ranging from the note 5 galaxy alpha, the first full body metal phone from Samsung,

While the superphones from other manufacturers such as the nexus devices and the LG G4 have already received the marshmallow update, it takes Samsung a while to update its phones owing to the extra bloatware and the touch whiz that it packs into the android in order to distinguish itself in the sea of android phones.samsung_marshmallow_update_leak_timesnews

The leaks represent the phased manner in which Samsung is working as the first phase includes working and updating the premium phone such as the note 5, galaxy s5 and galaxy alpha. After this, the second phase will commence which will include several phones such as the A-Series and E- Series phones. Not every device which Is not in this list will be abandoned. Other devices such as the galaxy mega are tipped to get the marshmallow update.

The marshmallow update is important for an android device as it brings some essential features such as better battery management and efficiency. Super features like the Google’s now on tap and individual app permissions are also included and you might not want to miss out on them.