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Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Listed Online with Specifications


The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is now listed for pre-orders on an e-commerce website and provides with all the specifications of this smartphone.

The Galaxy S5 Neo has been listed on Belsimpel which is a Dutch e-commerce website and the smartphone has been priced at EUR 429.

The smartphone will start to be shipped by the end of next month and from its looks the smartphone’s design profile is similar with that of the Galaxy S5 but the specifications are a little different.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo will be running an improved processor than the Galaxy S5 and will also have a newer version of the Android operating system.

The S5 Neo will have a 5.1 inch high-resolution display just like the Galaxy S5. The S5 Neo will also run the Android Lollipop and Samsung has added its own TouchWiz layer as well.

The S5 Neo will have an internal storage of 16GB which can be extended through a microSD card. Moreover the interesting thing is that the smartphone is dust-proof and water-resistant.

Another feature of the Galaxy S5 Nep is the fingerprint scanner. The sensor has been hidden in the home button and can be used for multiple tasks.

This means that users can use the fingerprint sensor to confirm payments and there would be no need to remember passwords. Samsung has also added a hear rate monitor.

This is located on the back of the device and will help in measuring the heart rate of the users when they hold it on their finger.

However the best feature in my eyes is the new 16 megapixel rear camera that Samsung has added to the Galaxy S5 Neo. The camera can also make HDR images which mean that both dark and bright images will be sharp and also make videos in 4K quality.