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Galaxy Note 5 Goes Against Previous 4 Models in This Drop Test


We all now know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with the same bold design that the Galaxy S6 had introduced a few months ago but in a larger format. The steel and glass frame is no doubt a beauty to hold and look at even though the typical plastic construction has been replaced premium materials this time by Samsung.

We can even say that the Note 5 is almost an exact copy of the S6 design even down to the slightly protruding camera unit. Samsung has done a lot of hard work in the manufacturing process to reach at the metal glass unibody of the Note 5.

The company has used a nano thin multi-coating process to achieve the elegant finish and uniform coloring of the different hues that the device will be available in. plus just like the Galaxy S6 the Galaxy Note also uses a grade 6013 aluminum alloy.

Well when put to a drop test along with all of its predecessors the Galaxy Note 5 has done a lot better. A broken screen is a common element in all of the Note models but the Galaxy Note 5 came out with the least damage to its front glass.

However one interesting thing is that the touchscreen stopped working for the Note 5 which was not the case for the other Note models. Moreover the Note 5 did not do well on the back side which got cracked and damaged.


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