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Galaxy S6 is Called “Project Zero” Within Samsung – A Complete Redesign of Galaxy S Lineup

Galaxy S6 - Project Zero
Latest report suggests Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be a completely new device an it will have an entirely new look and feel. Samsung wants to make sure the new Galaxy S6 will able to perform better in the market compared to Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5.

To create a unique and better device Samsung is designing Galaxy S6 with a new vision. SamMobile reports that Galaxy S6 is internally referred to “Project Zero” inside Samsung. Samsung has a long history of naming different devices with internal names. For example Galaxy S4 was called “Project T” and Galaxy S5 was given “Project K” as internal name.

Samsung’s latest financial result does not look promising, Samsung must be trying to turn things around with the next iteration Galaxy S flagship, the Galaxy S6. This is the main reason why Samsung wants to put all its focus on Galaxy S6 and does not want to follow the same strategy it followed for last generation Galaxy S devices.

We also assume that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be an all metal phone and it is obvious from the new design trends Samsung is following from the last couple of smartphones. Samsung’s latest mid-range Galaxy A5 is also using all metal body.

Reports also indicate that Samsung is going to release Galaxy S6 in early 2015 and the device is right now in active development phase. We will keep updating you about “Project Zero” aka Galaxy S6 from time to time.