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The Pre-Orders for The Samsung Flagship Are Off the Chart

gsmarena_001The Galaxy S7 is turning out to be one hell of a device. Samsung and its carrier partners have started taking pre-orders from the first of this month and we are already receiving news that the pre-order figures are unusually high when compared to the predecessors.

Samsung has made the Galaxy S7 and its edge variant available for pre-orders in 60 countries and according to a report, 64% of the people who pre-ordered the smartphone went for the Galaxy S7 edge. This indicates people aren’t backing away from an expensive phone and interested in a phone that doesn’t look like a glass slab similar to every other phone in the market.

This is good news for Samsung. The edge variant sells for a $100 premium price than its flat variant and could end up bringing in huge profits for Samsung. The dual edged phone is really making some waves in the smartphone world.

Samsung has indicated that it will release the phone to the general public on march the 11th. But we are seeing some reports that some of the customers who have pre-ordered the device from T-Mobile and AT&T have already received their device well ahead of the launch schedule. This is a gesture from Samsung as well as its partners for the huge response being showered on the handset. As a result of this, a selected few have started receiving the handsets.

Samsung is overwhelmed by this response and has released a statement saying that it will manufacture a total of 17.2 million of the phone by April to meet the initial demand. The Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge will be available in 60 countries this month. The second wave will include the rest of the regions. The exact date of the availability in a particular region in the second wave is not yet known but be sure that Samsung will make them available as soon as possible. It doesn’t want to let the steam off the Galaxy S7 engine.