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This 16 TB Samsung SSD Is the Best Money Can Buy

samsung-ssd01Samsung has done it again. It is leading the innovation in the storage industry by introducing a whopping 16 TB SSD unit. The best part is that Samsung has managed to fit all that amount of storage in the regular 2.5-inch encasing that is similar to a laptop HDD.

Samsung has indicated that this is the world’s first 2.5 SSD unit that has a capacity of 15.36 TB. The Korean conglomerate has shied away from mentioning the price but I presume that it wouldn’t come cheap nor is it intended for the faint of heart.

“To satisfy an increasing market need for ultra-high-capacity SAS SSDs from leading enterprise storage system manufacturers, we are directing our best efforts toward meeting our customers’ SSD requests,” Jung-bae Lee, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics’ Application Engineering Team, said in a statement. “The performance of the PM1633a SSD is based on four factors: the 3D NAND (vertical NAND or V-NAND) chips; 16GB of DRAM; Samsung’s proprietary controller chip; and the 12Gbps SAS interface.”

The speeds are mind-blowing for this Solid State Drive. The model number attached to the unit is PM1633a and has a random read and write speed of 200,000 and 32,000 I/Os per second (IOPS).  The sequential speeds are at 1200MBps while the speed of a regular SSD tops at 550MBps.

To make this drive a reality, Samsung had to stack 512 pieces of the vertical NAND memory of 256 GB capacity. Typically, this is twice the capacity of competing companies. Samsung said that 15.36 TB of data can be continuously written without failing and the SSD comes with a protection tool that can protect data and restores the software in case of any error.

Samsung has also introduced the SSD units with capacities 7.68TB, 3.84TB, 1.92TB, 960GB and 480GB. The pricing of these units is also unavailable.