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Galaxy S7 Is Putting Immense Pressure On Apple

androidpit-samsung-galaxy-s7-vs-apple-iphone-6-1-w782Yes, you heard that right. Samsung latest and greatest phones, the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge has broken the pre-orders records and why not. The phone is receiving positive response from everyone who has handled one. The iconic microSD card slot makes a return along with tons of other features. But all this is putting immense pressure on Apple who sits on the throne of the smartphone world.

Apple builds its own OS and hardware. It has mostly followed a restricted path maintaining tight control over the hardware, software, app store, user experience, accessories and data security. But that might cause some trouble to Apple in the coming future.

Samsung is the closest competitor to Apple and the next flagship from Samsung is something close to the perfect smartphone that the tech world has dreamed of. There is waterproofing, expandable storage, killer display and camera, Samsung Pay, fast charging and wireless charging, Samsung Knox and ton of other goodies.

While on the other hand, the iPhone still sells in the tune of millions but the Galaxy S7 has upped the ante in the smartphone world and that has put a load of weight on Apple’s shoulder to make the iPhone 7 something special and innovative as the original iPhone released back in 2007.

On a personal level, I feel Apple has to implement the wireless charging simultaneously doubling the battery life if it wants me aboard for the next iPhone. The camera is good on the iPhone but when you pay a premium price for a phone, you expect premium features in it. A camera that could compete with the Galaxy S7 camera is what is needed.

The memory capacity has to be 32 GB at the base level. It would be unforgivable if Apple sticks to the paltry 16 GB in today’s world where some apps take up to 2 GB of space. Apple should definitely stop milking the customers if wants to stay ahead of the smartphone curve with the iPhone 7 and all these are just the start.

What Galaxy S7’s features would you like to see in the iPhone 7?