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As Expected, The Galaxy S7 Now Comes in Real Gold

This was bound to happen sooner than later. The amount of hype that Galaxy S7 managed to garner is simply astonishing. I may dare to say that, apart from the iPhone, the only other phone that is so popular in the tech world is the Galaxy S7 right now. to cash in on this crazy, a company is remaking the phone entirely in gold…………. real gold.

London-based “truly exquisite” has announced the launch of the gold plated version of the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge. Pre-orders are open now.

Some people have the tendency to stand out among the crowd. They go as far as possible to make sure their phones are something that ordinary people cannot match up to. Since the time Apple launched the gold Apple watch edition, craze for the gold based electronic devices has risen drastically and someone was sure to dip the Galaxy S7 in gold.

So the real question is how much do you have to pay to own a gold phone?

Well, it depends on which version your heart desires. The pricing is as follows.

  • 24K Gold Galaxy S7 – £1700 (approx. $2,380 USD)
  • 24K Gold Galaxy S7 Edge – £1800 (approx. $2,495 USD)
  • Platinum Galaxy S7 – £1800 (approx. $2,495 USD)
  • Platinum Galaxy S7 Edge – £1900 (approx. $2,630 USD)
  • 18K Rose Gold Galaxy S7 – £1750 (approx. $2,425 USD)
  • 18K Rose Gold Galaxy S7 Edge – £1850 (approx. $2,562 USD)

One thing to note is that you would be required to pay half of the cost of the entire device to pre-order the smartphone. be sure to check out the company’s website if you are interested in buying such a device.