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There’s A Lot Less Memory On the Galaxy S7 Than Initially Thought


We have reports coming in that the Android system on the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge along with the Touchwiz is taking up as much as 8 GB of the available memory space and that too, out of the box.

Even worse news is that, though the smartphone is available in 32 GB and 64 GB in most of the market, Samsung has opted to make only the 32 GB model available in the united states. Samsung had a nightmare introducing the Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge which totalled up close to 16 variants of the S6. This lead to huge inventory losses and Samsung couldn’t have made available all the colours and capacities of the same phone in every retail location.

To make life easier, Samsung has only opted to make the 32 GB model available for both the phone leading to fewer inventory problems and people usually opted for the 32 GB model as it is less expensive than the higher capacity phone. Since the Galaxy S7 comes with expandable memory, there was no reason for Samsung to introduce a higher memory capacity model.

But it turns out that the available memory is actually 29 GB out of 32 GB. 8 GB goes to the operating system and the user interface on top of it. The user will have a lot less than they were promised after they set up their phone initially. By the time you download the apps that you require daily, you will end up with a free space that is close to 15 GB than 32 GB.

With the apps getting larger day by day, I doubt if this is the right amount of memory that a user will require in the entire lifespan of the device. you can store all the media on the expandable memory but not every app can be installed on the microSD card.

Maybe Samsung would be kind enough to bring the 64 GB model to the user who really require it in the near future.

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