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Galaxy S7 Edge Is a Breeze to Use

galaxy-s7-edge-gold-front-06The Galaxy S6 edge and the S6 edge+ were a nightmare to use in real life. The practicality of the design was not very ideal and the end result was that the phones were having metal edges probing the flesh of you fingers. The Galaxy S7 edge now has an improved design that makes the phone feel very comfortable in the hands and a breeze to use.

On the outside, the Galaxy S6 edge and the S7 edge look very identical. But on further examining the design of the body, we found some spectacular changes that Samsung has made in the phone. The first thing that you will notice when you hold the S7 edge in the hand is how comfortable and natural the grip feels.

This is due to the slightly curved glass on the back that adjusts to the gripping finger. The metal body strip on the sides have also been changed so that they make the grip feel very comfortable instead of probing the flesh.Samsung-Galaxy-S7-and-S7-Edge-Review

Samsung leaped to glass and metal design last year and that was great considering the plastic yet expensive phones that came before. The looks of the phones were astonishing. This year, the same design makes a return but with some subtle changes that make the phone even more appealing. Samsung built on the last year’s design and the result is that the S7 edge is still a great looking phone but unlike its predecessors, it great to use in real life.

Samsung has mentioned that the quad edge curved display has curves on the top of the phone as well as the back to make it look and feel beautiful. All this came at a cost for Samsung. The glass was very difficult to manufacture with all the curves and leaning design. it had also reduced the bezels around the phone by about 40%. This also disturbed the internals and they had to be rearranged to produce this phone that is very close to the perfect phone that we always desired.