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NVidia and Samsung Become Friends, End Patent Dispute

Samsung and NVidia have mutually agreed to end all the patent disputes and carry on their work in their respective fields. But it is believed that the GPU maker might have just averted a grave crisis that could have resulted in some of their products getting banned from the shores of united states.

This settlement was reached just before the international trade commission was about to issue a decree in favour of Samsung.

“The settlement includes the licensing of a small number of patents by each company to the other, but no broad cross-licensing of patents or other compensation,” NVidia said in a press release.

Samsung has also commented that it was happy that all the disputes are behind them now and is grateful for a fair settlement.

If we go into the history of the case, NVidia has accused Samsung and QUALCOMM of bluntly copying their graphic technology and using them in Galaxy smartphones and filed a lawsuit in September 2014. But the hearing went south for it and Samsung, in turn, accused the GPU maker of infringing its patents.

After years of fighting in courtrooms, the judges have decided that Samsung did not use NVidia technology in its own graphic chips and also that some of the patents held by NVidia were invalid since they were already in existence.

In a shocking turn, the judges have also decreed that NVidia has actually infringed on patents held by Samsung. With the mutual settlement, NVidia is averting the ban on its products that could have resulted in revenue loss in tunes of millions of dollars.

The case has been dropped against Samsung and QUALCOMM while Samsung has also decided to not pursue its litigation against the graphic ship maker.