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Note 6 Will Reportedly Have A “Lite” Version

samsung-galaxy-note-5-review-2-1500x1000Similar to the Galaxy S7, Samsung is planning as many versions of the Note 6 as it can. We see reports that the upcoming superphone will have a lighter version of itself with mid-range specs yet retain the productivity that is legendary in the note line of smartphones from Samsung.

The Galaxy S7 was shown in the month of march and the Note 6 is due in august if not September.

The lighter version is not new to the note line. A couple of years ago, Samsung introduced the Note Neo as the washed down version of the Note 4 and the upcoming lite version is aimed similarly. There are two things that Samsung could achieve with this smartphone. it could move more units in places like India and china when it attaches Note 6 name to a phone and make it significantly cheaper. The second is that I personally feel, the Note 6 lite will the identical twin to the Note 5 allowing Samsung to use all the components that it procured to manufacture the Note 5, thus saving costs.

The Note 6 is rumoured to come with the Snapdragon 823 coupled with a staggering 6 GB of RAM. the battery capacity is pegged to be at 4200 mAh and a 5.8inch Qhd display. If I am not wrong, the Note 6 lite will have the same Exynos 7420 along with 4 GB of RAM. one significant difference could be the resolution. Samsung might equip the phone with a similar 5.8-inch display but with full HD display making it inferior to the regular Note 6.

The differentiating factor will be the S-pen and I strongly feel Samsung will put in the same pen and technology in both the phones. ultimately this phone could end up targeting buyers in brazil and India since it would cost a lot less than the regular note 6 and might not see the light of the day in places like the United States and Europe.