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Apparently, Samsung Pay Will Work On Verizon’s S7 Unit

galaxy-s7-samsung-pay-unavailable-2Rumours have started out yesterday that Verizon will not support Samsung Pay, the mobile payment service that is similar to Apple Pay. All these started when the Verizon version of the S7 and S7 edge lacked the Samsung Pay app. If you remember, Verizon was reluctant to support Samsung Pay on the Galaxy S6 family and the Note 5 since it had a payment service that was similar to Samsung’s offering.

Now we can confirm that Verizon is not blocking its user from using Samsung Pay. Verizon simply hasn’t loaded the phone with the application required to use the service. The same can be downloaded from the play store.

The framework required to run and make a financial transaction is still in place on the phone. Some developers are also reporting that they have been using the service via downloaded app from the play store without any issues since march 1st.

“Samsung Pay is supported on the Verizon S7 models. It’s accurate that it’s not a preload but we have not blocked or prevented the app from working on the device. Once it’s available for download, customers can add or remove it whenever they’d like.” Said Verizon in a statement.

With the exception of developers and reviewers, the common user cannot load the app from the play store since the handset isn’t officially available. The search results as well as Samsung section of the play store reveal no such Samsung Pay app. You might have to wait until march 11th when the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge release officially before using this service.

As for the service itself, Samsung Pay is a payment service that has the ability to make a financial transaction at your local store for the groceries or other items that you have brought. The transaction is secured by your fingerprint and can work on normal credit card terminals thanks to a tech called as magnetic secure transmission(MST). Something that Apple Pay cannot do.