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Samsung’s Exclusive S Console Gamepad App Can Turn Itself into a Remote Control for Your Games.


Samsung has released a new app called as s console gamepad that can be used to play games on the galaxy view tablet. But here’s the catch. The app works for the galaxy view tablet and can only be downloaded onto the Samsung’s galaxy phones. It is disappointing considering how huge the android market is. not everyone who owns a galaxy view tablet will own a galaxy smartphone.

As far as the app is considered, the s console game pad will turn your smartphone screen into a virtual gamepad and will connect to the monstrous tablet via Bluetooth.nexus2cee_41 nexus2cee_21

Samsung knows that one size doesn’t fit all. for this specific purpose, it has made available various templates to suit different types of games. For example, racing games have a steering wheel along with buttons to control the virtual car. When playing an arcade game, the s console gamepad can offer you a templet with dual analogue sticks to make the gaming experience smooth.

Samsung has indicated that it has more than 100 games which are optimized to take advantage of this app while playing on the galaxy view tablet.

In case you don’t know what a galaxy view tablet is, it is one of the biggest tablet around with 18.4 full HD screen. There is a weird stand that will help you to carry the tablet around. Samsung claims that it made this tablet for video streamers and gamers. Reviewers have specifically said that the galaxy view isn’t a big tablet but a smaller television.

Considering the size and functionality, I do believe that to be true.

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