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Wi-Fi Calling Arrives On Verizon S6 and S6 Edge, iPhone Support Coming Early Next Year


Verizon might be the last carrier to roll out Wi-Fi calling on its phones but at least it is providing this service. Verizon is bringing this feature to the galaxy s6 and s6 edge via OTA update and with it, comes a host of new features dubbed as ADVANCE CALLING 2.0.

Some of the features included in this update are VoWiFi (Wi-Fi Calling), HiFi Audio, Live Video Broadcast, an ALM fix, and a wireless charging fix.

But what is Wi-Fi calling?

Wi-Fi calling is nothing but having the ability to call someone even when the cellular network is down. Traditionally, phones make use of the cellular network but when this network is down, the phone will use the Wi-Fi to connect to calling server instead of 4G LTE. This will enable you to make a call almost anywhere if you have access to internet irrespective of the carrier signal indicator on top of your phone display.

Verizon detailed the update process and the host of features that will come with it.

  • Make calls over Wi-Fi – It’s easy. Start by going to Settings > Advanced Calling > Activate Advanced Calling. Once Advanced Calling is active, you can turn on HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling from the same settings menu. Go to Settings > Advanced Calling > Activate Wi-Fi Calling
  • Live Video Broadcasting – The Galaxy S6 helps you share life’s can’t-miss moments as they happen. Take live video and broadcast it to the world via YouTube™, letting viewers see it in real time. Share important moments in real time Seamless HD capture and sharing Integrated with Camera and Contacts Watch and broadcast via YouTube (mobile/web/TV)
  • Ultra-High-Quality Audio – UHQA (Hi-Fi Audio) – Your favourite tunes have never sounded better on a Samsung smartphone. This breakthrough audio technology takes select music files and enhances the richness and detail. Improved sound quality for any file type. Audiophile level sound quality Every note from your playlists and punch lines from your favourite videos are brought to life with crisp audio
  • App/Folder Icon – Icon shape for folders and native apps have been updated.
  • Messages – The Samsung Messages app lets you preview your messages on the status bar and lock screen. This feature is active by default, but it’s easy to turn off if you want to keep your incoming messages private.



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