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Samsung JS9500 Is One of the Best TV Out There

samsung-js95000-1500x1000Samsung has released the Samsung JS9500 LCD television by combining all of its latest and greatest technology into a sleek and compact package. And not surprisingly, Samsung is asking top dollar for this tv. Priced at $3600, it is directly competing with the best TVs from LG and Sony. This tv set is the best that Samsung put out this year and comes in at 65, 78 and 88-inch version.

The JS9500 displays pictures that are very impressive when compared to similarly priced competitors. But it still can’t beat the image quality that are produced on a high end OLED tv. The body of JS9500 is as impressive as the picture quality. Its curved and is made of metal. It looks very beautiful with sharp edges and the trademark Samsung’ s supporting leg stand enhance its overall aesthetics.

The distinguishing feature about this tv is that there is a separate box that comes with it and all the I/O are handled through this box. A single cable run from the box to the tv. Samsung also indicated that this box could be updated in the future. It makes this tv future proof.


The remote include is a simply one that knows how to get the job done. It has voice and motion control integrated into it. For the part, the motion controlling is smooth and actually useful.

The tv has a 4k resolution along with the HDR capabilities and 3d. there are specific version of apps such as amazon’s prime video and Netflix exclusively created to make use of this tv’s capabilities to the full extent. The display is what makes this tv special and it deliver on the expectations. It has deep black levels and contrast is among the best. The picture quality tends to deteriorate when viewed from an angle. It is recommended to view the screen by sitting directly in front of it.

if the best screen quality is your top priority, Samsung JS9500 isn’t the ideal television set for you. OLED might be your thing.