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Is The Galaxy S7 Getting a Liquid Cooling System?

as-electronics-and-chips-get-denser-liquid-cooling-gets-closer-to-the-metal-493784-2As usual, rumours are coming out of china indicating that Samsung is favouring the option of including a liquid cooling system in the galaxy s7 and the note 6. This decision was apparently taking as the next generation chips which are 2 times more powerful than the previous generation soc produce high amount of heat which is very uncomfortable for the user who handles the phone and also destroys the internal circuitry if not dissipated in a proper manner.

We have already seen that the snapdragon 810 was a powerful soc that was plagued by heating problem. Many manufacturers have opted for other chips in their flagship phones that would normally have the 810. This was apparent when Sony and Microsoft built a cooling system into their phone in order to maintain the phone temperature at an accepted level.

Some earlier reports indicate that the snapdragon 820 is having similar overheating problems like the snapdragon 810. But Samsung is hell bent on using the 820 in its galaxy s7 phone and wants to build a liquid cooling system to efficiently cool the phone and protect the circuit.

The liquid cooling system involve running pipes around components and on top of the processor. The liquid then takes in the heat while passing through these pipes. This concept is used in gaming computers and for over clocking processors. But getting it to run in a phone that is as thin as 6mm will be ab herculean task. But Samsung seems to have found a solution and this solution is reportedly 0.6 mm thin.

This allowed Samsung to pack even more powerful internals into the phone while the overall body dimensions were kept compact.

Way to go Samsung!!!