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Note 4 Just Received the Marshmallow Update in Hungary

Note-4-Android-6-0-01-618x540Now this is what I call as real news. Samsung is pushing out marshmallow update to its 2014’s note 4 superphone. Now who could have expected that Samsung would bypass the s6 and note 5 to make the note 4 as the first phone in its line up to receive the latest flavour of android.

Note 4 in some regions hasn’t even received the 5.1.1 update and the Hungarian people are receiving the marshmallow. The firmware build has version number N910FXXU1DOL3X. Samsung was criticized in the past for its poor software support of the note 4 phone. Samsung is making up for it by updating the phone before others.

The update brings a new host of feature to the note 4. Along with Google’s now on tap, Samsung has also cooked up its own features into the update. The most noticeable being the off screen memo that was in the note 5 now appears on the note 4. You can take down that note when you pull out the s-pen without waking up the phone.Note-4-Android-6-0-303x540

Performance also appears to be enhanced and multitasking is now better than before. The new icon that were in the galaxy s6 are carried over. Essential, this phone is updated to function more like the note 5.

Everything else remains same. visually, it is similar to the note 4 on lollipop. bulk of the changes have taken placed under the hood and most likely you will never notice them. it might also be that Samsung could have released the update by mistake and it still is in the beta stage.

Also the news about updating the note 4 in other regions are unavailable. If you received the update, share the news with us in the comment section.