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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Keyboard Cover will Cost 60 Euro


Blackberry and Samsung have been having an intense partnership it seems. Just weeks ago we were hearing rumors that Samsung is thinking of a buyout but these rumors were later denied by the south Korean giant.

Then we saw the upcoming smartphone by Blackberry, the Blackberry Venice which comes with Samsung’s trademark edges.

After looking at this smartphone you will realize the potential of these two companies working together.

Now it looks as if Samsung will try to bring back the Blackberry old-school feel to this new smartphone era.

This is because just a few days ago we saw pictures of a Galaxy S6 Edge+ keyboard. The South Korean giant is quite interested in manufacturing these keyboards.

This news has also been confirmed by the German website GSMinfo. Apart from this GSMinfo has also discovered a Flip Wallet priced at 25 Euros, Glassy Cover also for 25 Euros and a Clearview Cover for 40 Euros.

Moreover the online retailer that had leaked prices for these new Galaxy S6 Edge+ covers has also leaked a keyboard cover for the Galaxy S6 Edge+. So this means that the keyboard is going to be a reality pretty soon.

The S6+ keyboard will be priced for 60 Euros and has an expected stock date of August 22nd which basically means just one day after the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5 go on sale worldwide.