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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus QWERTY Keyboard Leaked

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Edge that will be launched pretty soon may come out with the QWERTY keyboard. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5 are to be launched on the 13th of August and the reveal of an optional keyboard at the event by Samsung may make the Blackberry users quite happy. This clip-on keyboard was seen posted on Twitter.

Now this could have been a scam but German website GSMinfo has also confirmed that such an attachment for the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which is being described as an S6+ Keyboard will be out for sale on the 22nd of august and will be priced at 60 Euros.

Moreover the South Korean giant has decreased the price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in the UK and now the smartphone is available for £499. This step was taken by Samsung as the Galaxy S6 failed to reach the company’s sales expectation.

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which is being rumored to feature a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display and the Galaxy Note 5 phablet are all set to battle it out in the smartphone market with Apple’s upcoming iOS 9-powered iPhone range which is said to be launched in September.


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