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Samsung Pay Will Soon Land On iOS and Android Devices

Samsung-Pay2-minThis was bound to happen. Samsung has had such a stellar success with the mobile payment service, Samsung pay, that it has now decided to open it up to other Android-non-Samsung smartphone. Not only that, it has also decided to make the iOS devices compatible.

There are several reasons for this decision. The first is that, even though the service has beaten the likes of Apple Pay and Android Pay, it is still limited to the devices such as S6, S7 and the Note 5. That is a problem considering that most people do not own these phones. So there is a huge potential that is untapped if it supports other popular devices. Second is that to make Samsung pay Galaxy devices exclusive, it would need to upgrade even the low-end phones with fingerprint readers and NFC chip making the flagships irrelevant in such a scenario.

So the idea is to launch the service on other platform and for other phones. It could still end up raking in the moolah and Samsung pay will finally come to the low end and mid-range Samsung phones.

But there is one thing that could end up defeating this service. The lack of Magnetic Secure Transmission. This is the tech that makes the Samsung pay work on normal credit card swiping machine and works with almost all the machines, unlike Apple pay that requires a special NFC terminal.

And because of this, Samsung pay mini will only be able to make the authorized transaction online. It simply doesn’t have the hardware that is required to make a transaction in line when it works on an iPhone 6s or the Nexus 6p.

Samsung is also rumored to be working on a windows 10 and macOS version of the Samsung pay mini app to bring as many people onboard as possible.

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