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Samsung Introduces Next Generation Memory Cards

UFSThe days of the microSD card has been numbered. Here comes the UFS cards. These are the spiritual successors to the common memory card and have speeds that are hundreds of times faster than the microSD card. Here are the details.

The new UFS or Universal Flash Storage Cards are the new standard for portable storage solution and will power future devices that demand crazy read and write speeds.

Samsung is the first manufacturer to introduce these cards that have a storage space ranging from 32 GB to 256 GB and is based on UFS 2.0 standard which has been finalized in the month of march by the JEDEC, a body that sets standards for the semiconductor industry. In fact, there is no device on the market that can take advantage of the new memory cards. Samsung has also hinted that even the upcoming Note 7 will not be compatible.tabel-samsung-ufs

But it has mentioned that the phones coming out in 2017 will have the UFS port. Samsung says UFS cards will be used in “high-resolution mobile shooting devices such as DSLRs, 3D VR cameras, action cams and drones.” One thing to note is that due to the dimensions of the card, it will be incompatible with the memory card slots in the current crop of devices and will need a separate slot.

These cards have 5 times the reading speed of a typical microSD card and 20 times the random reading speed skyrocketing it to the SSD league that are used in the top of the line PCs.

The write speeds are even crazy. It can write twice as fast but the random writing speed is 350 times as fast as the current memory card.

The microSD card is here to stay for at least couple of years before the UFS cards take over and more number of manufacturers shift to the newer technology.