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Samsung Initiates Samsung Pay US Beta Program

samsungpayAs announced earlier, Samsung will bring its mobile payment service called as Samsung pay to the US on September 29th. While the service is already available in South Korea, Samsung is still testing waters in the US market.

Samsung pay’s beta program is open to all in the US. The only requirements are that the user should own one of the following phones

  • Samsung galaxy s6
  • Samsung galaxy s6 edge
  • Samsung galaxy s6 edge+
  • Samsung galaxy note 5

A credit or debit card from the bank of America, visa, MasterCard or us bank will be compatible. The networks supported are AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or US Cellular. The earlier rumours about the Verizon network not participating proved to be true as Verizon has stated that it is still “evaluating” the Samsung pay and will provide further details at a later date indicating that it will miss the September 29th launch date.

You will also need a Samsung account to register for the beta tester program.

Samsung has also stated that the Samsung pay will not work on rooted or modified phones, might be careful when tinkering with your phone if you want to use the Samsung pay.

follow the link for registration details

sign up for Samsung pay.