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Remove 5 Minute 4K Recording Limit on Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 5 4K Video
How to remove the 5-minute 4K video recording limitations on Galaxy Note 5? Solve the problem using these easy to follow steps.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an awesome device for video recording both in HD and in 4K. But Samsung has put a useless limitation on 4K videos shooting. You can only record 4K videos upto 5 minutes and after that you need to restart the recording.

This is a limitation from Samsung and looks impossible to override, as there is no option in the camera setting to increase this time limit. But, you can now remove that limitation and can record 4K videos on your Note 5 till you run out of storage.

XDA developer kevinrocksman recompiled the SamsungCamera4.apk to fix the 5 minute 4K recording limitation. Like all custom mods, this also comes with a warning that you may void your warranty by altering your Galaxy Note 5. But if you can live with that and want to try this out follow these steps.

Remove 5 Minute 4K Recording Limit on Galaxy Note 5


1. Download the zip and extract the apk SamsungCamera4.apk – Download SamsungCamera4.apk here
2. Download es file explorer and browse to system/apps/SamsungCamera4/
3. Make a backup of everything in that folder then delete everything in the folder
4. Copy over the SamsungCamera4.apk that you downloaded to system/apps/SamsungCamera4/
5. set permissions to rw-r-r on the file
6. Reboot your phone
7. Once rebooted check to see if your camera works, once up look for KRM in the Camera icon to the top of the record button
8. If you see KRM then you have installed the mod successfully

Here is a sample 4K video from Galaxy Note 5.