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[RUMOR] 4K Camera on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Latest rumor is that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have a much more advanced camera for video recording which can record 4K or Ultra High Definition resolution video.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is on the verge of official announcement but there are new rumors emerging every day. Korean Times reported today that Samsung will bring the latest video technology to it’s next generation Galaxy Note series smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will record 4K video which is 4 times better resolution than the HD format in today’s high-end smartphones.

Apart from that Samsung will bring 24 bit audio format to Note 3 which will replace the present 16 bit audio format used in all Samsung smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S4. LG’s G2 uses the 24 bit audio format and Samsung is trying to make sure their smartphones are best in the market.

Samsung is going to announce Galaxy Note 3 next month at it’s UNPACKED event.