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Samsung Pay Is Now Compatible with Alipay

Ci5FHnOUUAAT1h2Samsung has done it again. It has added yet another service to its ever growing Samsung pay family. In the latest news, the Korean giant has announced that its mobile payment service will now allow users with Alipay account to pay for the purchased goods online or inline.

Samsung has collaborated with Ant Financial Services Group, the brain company of Alipay online payment service.

“Alipay covers the vast majority of online payment use cases,” said Fan Zhiming, president of the Payment Business Unit at Ant Financial. “The technology integration … with Samsung Electronics will make the payment process faster and more convenient when users make payments at stores where Alipay is accepted.”

To use the service, users will have to first register their Alipay account into their phone’s Samsung pay app. The users can simply swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to display the QR CODE that will be scanned by the retailer.

Samsung pay launched in china couple of months back and is already deemed a hit. The simplicity and ease of use has made the mobile payment service popular among the consumers

“For Samsung users who have one of the Samsung Pay compatible phones, this isn’t a massive departure from what they can already do,” said Yeo. “It just means that the Alipay functionality will be available and quicker to use than if the user had to click into the Alipay app within the phone … maybe one or two swipes quicker.”

The challenge remains the compatible handsets. Samsung pay is currently available on expensive phones such as S6 family, S7 family and the Note 5.

Samsung is with the idea of releasing multiple mid-range handsets that will have Samsung pay compatibility.

Elsewhere, Samsung united states is offering $20 digital cash if you register for the mobile payment service and make your first transaction with it.